Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Years!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! APB took a break from recording to visit family in the Canadian Prairies. Nothing like the brisk winter air to rejuvenate the soul. Once we survive New Years we have to 'get back at er' and finish the record.

Playing a show with Spoon River and Lions in the Street on January 22 @ the Fairview Pub. Poster above. Here's a little description for the show:

Spoon River make their debut at the Fairview as part of a truly mind-blowing bill featuring Lions in the Street, A Pale Blue and DJ Mathew Camerand spinning from his own private collection of vinyl records and digitally stored treasures.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Follow us!

This is the first, of hopefully many installments for A Pale Blue - a Vancouver based Country/Rock/Canadiana band consisting of the following members - Brock Allen, Andy Bond, Johnny Red, Shira Blustein, Galen Rigter and Bryce Janssens.

If we're new to you, we posted some pics to give you an idea of some highlights from the past 2 years - Our "tour van", The Georgia Straight "Best of Vancouver 2008" photo, touring with Quest For Fire, and Brock's Birthday cupcake at the Railway Club last month.

The 6 of us just did a short session at the Hive Creative Labs Studio in Vancouver, and then set up a studio in Shira's living room for some extra tracking. Sounds pretty good so far. Updates, photos and more to follow soon. Enjoy!